When a virtual machine is running on an ESXi host, you can use the vmware-toolbox-cmd help stat command to display information such as host time and CPU speed. Additional subcommands are available for virtual machines in a vSphere environment.

Table 1. Subcommands for the stat Command
Subcommand Name Description
hosttime Displays the date and time on the host.
speed Displays the CPU speed, in MHz.
balloon Displays the amount of memory that is currently reclaimed from the virtual machine through ballooning, in megabytes.
swap Displays the current amount of memory swapped out to the virtual machine's swap file, in megabytes.
memlimit Displays memory limit information, in megabytes.
memres Displays memory reservation information, in megabytes.
cpures Displays CPU reservation information, in MHz.
cpulimit Displays CPU limit information, in MHz.
sessionid Displays the current session ID.