You can use the User Environment Manager Self-Support tool to reset an application to its default settings.

About this task

When using a mandatory profile as a base profile, no further configuration is required to support resetting to the default settings. When using a local or roaming profile as a base profile, one of the following configuration settings must be applied for each application you manage with User Environment Manager to support resetting to the default settings: Use the Profile Cleanup feature to delete the application-specific profile information at each logout or use the Predefined Settings feature to configure the default settings.


  1. Start User Environment Manager Self-Support.
  2. Select the application that you want to reset.
  3. Click Reset.


The profile archive of the selected application is deleted. The settings are reset at the next login. If the application is configured with DirectFlex, the settings are reset when the application restarts.

What to do next

Log out and log in to your Windows machine or restart the application, depending on the way it is configured in User Environment Manager.