Create policies that control the behavior of the USB redirection, virtual printing, clipboard redirection, client drive redirection, HTML Access file transfer features, and bandwidth profiles in a Horizon session.

About this task

Horizon Smart Policies are applied during login and can be refreshed during reconnect of a session. To reapply Horizon Smart Policies when a user reconnects to a session, configure a triggered task. For more information on creating Horizon Smart Policies, see the Using Smart Policies section in Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View from the Horizon documentation.


  1. Start the User Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Click the User Environment tab.
  3. Select Horizon Smart Policies and click Create.
  4. Enter a name for the settings definition.
  5. Configure the Horizon Smart Policy settings.



    USB redirection

    Enables USB redirection on the remote desktop.


    Enables virtual printing on the remote desktop.


    Sets the direction in which clipboard redirection is allowed.

    Client drive redirection

    Enables the client drive redirection on the remote desktop and whether shared drives and folders are writable.

    HTML Access file transfer

    Enables and disables file transfer between agent and client.

    Bandwidth profile

    Configures a bandwidth profile for PCoIP and Blast Extreme sessions on the remote desktop.

  6. Click Save.