You can enable FlexEngine to run automatically during logon by running as a Group Policy client-side extension.

About this task

By running FlexEngine as Group Policy Extension, settings that User Environment Manager manages are applied earlier during the logon phase rather than when running FlexEngine from a logon script. This way, the range of settings that can be managed by User Environment Manager is extended, such as the Windows Multilanguage User Interface or slideshow backgrounds.


  • Enable the Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon Computer Group Policy setting to ensure that the FlexEngine Group Policy client-side extension runs during each logon. Apply this setting to an OU in Active Directory where all the Windows clients are located.

  • Configure a logon script through Group Policy to run FlexEngine with the -OfflineImport argument. This is needed to ensure that FlexEngine still runs at logon when a computer is offline and a user logs on with cached credentials, because Group Policy client-side extensions do not run in such a scenario. See Additional FlexEngine Operations.

  • Configure FlexEngine logout commands through a Group Policy logoff script as described in Configure FlexEngine to Run From a Logoff Script. FlexEngine Group Policy client-side extension runs only during logon.


  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, double-click the Run FlexEngine as Group Policy Extension setting.
  2. Select Enabled.