SyncTool accepts command-line arguments to configure functions such as resident mode, one-time synchronization during a session, synchronization at logoff, and others.

  • To start the SyncTool in the resident mode:

    FlexSyncTool.exe -Resident [-Tray]
  • To perform a one-time synchronization during a session:

    FlexSyncTool.exe -SyncNow
                               [-SyncArchives] [-SyncFlexConfig] [-SyncFlexRepository]
  • To synchronize at logoff: FlexSyncTool.exe -Logoff [-ShowDialog]

  • Arguments:

    • -Resident. Starts SyncTool in resident mode.

    • -Tray. Shows tray icon, which provides access to the user interface.

    • -Logoff. Performs synchronization at logoff.

    • -ShowDialog. Shows the splash screen with progress information.

    • -SyncNow. Performs one-time synchronization.

  • For -SyncNow, all three categories are synchronized by default. To be more specific, also specify one or more of the following optional arguments:

    • -SyncArchives

    • -SyncFlexConfig

    • -SyncFlexRepository