For certain features of the SDDC components, such as backup and restore, log archiving and content library, you must provide NFS exports as storage. You must also provide a validated datastore to the shared edge and compute cluster for storing NSX Controller and NSX Edge instances and tenant workloads.

NFS Exports for Management Components

The management applications in the SDDC use NFS exports with the following paths:

Table 1. NFS Export Configuration 





Map As






1 TB

NFS datastore for log archiving in vRealize Log Insight

Region A

Management cluster

vRealize Log Insight

Customer-Specific Datastore for the Shared Edge and Compute Clusters

To enable the deployment of virtual appliances that are a part of the NSX deployment, you must set up datastores for the shared edge and compute cluster for each region before you begin implementing your SDDC. This validated design contains guidance for datastore setup only for the SDDC management components. For more information about the datastore types that are supported for the shared and edge cluster, see Shared Storage Design in the Architecture and Design documentation for the VMware Validated Design for the Software-Defined Data Center.