The SDDC contains several VMware products for network, storage, and cloud management. You can monitor and perform diagnostics on all of them in vRealize Operations Manager by using management packs.

Table 1. Management Packs for vRealize Operations Manager Design Decisions

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Install the following management packs:

  • Management Pack for NSX for vSphere

  • Management Pack for Storage Devices

  • Management Pack for vRealize Automation

Provides additional granular monitoring for all virtual infrastructure and cloud management applications.

You do not have the install the following management packs because they are installed by default in vRealize Operations Manager:

  • Management Pack for VMware vCenter Server

  • Management Pack for vRealize Log Insight

Requires manually installing and configuring each non-default management pack.


Configure the solutions that fail over between regions with the default remote collector group.

Provides monitoring for all components during a failover.

Adds minimal additional load to the analytics cluster