You use VMware Site Recovery Manager to implement disaster recovery for the workloads of the management products in the SDDC. 

Elements of Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery that is based on VMware Site Recovery Manager has the following main elements:

  • Dual-region configuration. All protected virtual machines are located in Region A that is considered as the protected region, and are recovered in Region B  that is considered as the recovery region.In a typical Site Recovery Manager installation, the protected region provides business-critical data center services. The recovery region is an alternative infrastructure to which Site Recovery Manager can migrate these services.

  • Replication of virtual machine data. 

    • Array-based replication. When you use array-based replication, one or more storage arrays at the protected region replicate data to peer arrays at the recovery region. To use array-based replication with Site Recovery Manager, you must configure replication first before you can configure Site Recovery Manager to use it.

    • Replication by using vSphere Replication. You deploy the vSphere Replication appliance and configure vSphere Replication on virtual machines independently of Site Recovery Manager. vSphere Replication does not require storage arrays. The replication source and target storage can be any storage device, including, but not limited to, storage arrays. You can configure vSphere Replication to regularly create and retain snapshots of protected virtual machines on the recovery region. 

  • Protection groups.  A protection group is a collection of virtual machines that Site Recovery Manager protects together. You configure virtual machines and create protection groups differently depending on whether you use array-based replication or vSphere Replication. You cannot create protection groups that combine virtual machines for which you configured array-based replication with virtual machines for which you configured vSphere Replication. 

  • Recovery plans. A recovery plan specifies how Site Recovery Manager recovers the virtual machines in the protection groups that it contains. You can include a combination of array-based replication protection groups and vSphere Replication protection groups in the same recovery plan. 

Disaster Recovery Configuration

The VMware Validated Design implements the following disaster recovery configuration:

  • The following management applications are a subject of disaster recovery protection:

    • vRealize Automation together with vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Business

    • Analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager

  • The virtual infrastructure components that are not in the scope of the disaster recovery protection, such as vRealize Log Insight, are available as separate instances in each region. 

Figure 1. Disaster Recovery Architecture

Site Recovery Manager is configured to replicate vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator, and vRealize Operations Manager. vRealize Log Insight in each region is not replicated.