The Cloud Management Platform elements include software and physical components providing portal-based functionality and service catalog, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components to model and provision virtualized workloads, and orchestration engine.

Table 1. Cloud Management Platform Elements



vRealize Automation virtual appliance

  • vRealize Automation Portal Web/Application Server

  • vRealize Automation PostgreSQL Database

  • vRealize Automation service catalog

  • VMware Identity Manager

vRealize Automation IaaS components

  • vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server

  • vRealize Automation IaaS Manager Services

Distributed execution components

  • vRealize Automation Distributed Execution Managers.

    • Orchestrator

    • Workers

Integration components

  • vRealize Automation Agent machines

vRealize Orchestrator components

  • vRealize Orchestrator virtual appliances

Provisioning infrastructure

  • vSphere environment

  • Other supported physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

Costing components

  • vRealize Business for Cloud Standard server

  • vRealize Business for Cloud Standard data collector

Supporting infrastructure

  • Microsoft SQL database environment

  • Active Directory environment

  • SMTP

  • NTP