The virtual infrastructure design includes the software components that make up the virtual infrastructure layer and that support the business continuity of the SDDC.

These components include the software products that provide the virtualization platform hypervisor, virtualization management, storage virtualization, network virtualization, backup and disaster recovery. VMware products in this layer include VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, VMware NSX, vSphere Data Protection, and VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Figure 1. Virtual Infrastructure Layer in the SDDC

The diagram includes the physical layer, virtual infrastructure layer, and cloud management layer. The virtual infrastructure layer is highlighted.

Virtual Infrastructure Design Overview

The SDDC virtual infrastructure consists of two regions. Each region includes a management pod, and a shared edge and compute pod.

Figure 2. SDDC Logical Design

The design includes the shared edge and compute cluster and the management cluster.The Compute cluster runs the compute NSX controller and NSX edge. The management cluster runs all other NSX services.

Management Pod

Management pods run the virtual machines that manage the SDDC. These virtual machines host vCenter Server, NSX Manager, NSX Controller, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, Site Recovery Manager and other shared management components. All management, monitoring, and infrastructure services are provisioned to a vSphere cluster which provides high availability for these critical services. Permissions on the management cluster limit access to only administrators. This protects the virtual machines running the management, monitoring, and infrastructure services.

Shared Edge and Compute Pod

The virtual infrastructure design uses a shared edge and compute pod. The shared pod combines the characteristics of typical edge and compute pods into a single pod. It is possible to separate these in the future if required.

This pod provides the following main functions:

  • Supports on-ramp and off-ramp connectivity to physical networks

  • Connects with VLANs in the physical world

  • Hosts the SDDC tenant virtual machines

The shared edge and compute pod connects the virtual networks (overlay networks) provided by NSX for vSphere and the external networks. An SDDC can mix different types of compute-only pods and provide separate compute pools for different types of SLAs.