After you deploy the virtual appliances for vRealize Log Insight and start the vRealize Log Insight instance on the master node in the ROBO, join the two worker nodes to form a cluster.


  1. For each worker node appliance, go to the initial setup UI in your Web browser. 

    Worker Node


    Worker node 1


    Worker node 2


    The initial configuration wizard opens.

  2. Click the Next button on the Welcome page.
  3. On the Choose Deployment Type page, click Join Existing Deployment
  4. On the Join Existing Deployment page, enter the master node FQDN nyc01vrli01.rainpole.local and click Go

    The worker node sends a request to the vRealize Log Insight master node to join the existing deployment.

  5. After the worker node contacts the master node, click the Click here to access the Cluster Management page link.

    The login page of the vRealize Log Insight user interface opens.

  6. Log in to the vRealize Log Insight UI by using the following credentials.



    User name




    The Cluster page opens in the Log Insight user interface.

  7. On the right of the notification message about adding the worker node, click Allow.

    After you join the first worker node to the cluster, the user interface displays a warning message that another worker node must be added.

  8. Repeat the steps to join the second worker node to the cluster.


After you add the second worker node, the Cluster page of the vRealize Log Insight UI contains the master and worker nodes as components of the cluster.