Design data protection of the management components in your environment to ensure continuous operation of the ROBO SDDC if the data of a management application is damaged.

Data backup protects the data of your organization against data loss, hardware failure, accidental deletion, or other disaster for each region. For consistent image-level backups, use backup software that is based on the vSphere APIs for Data Protection (VADP). This design uses vSphere Data Protection as an example. You can use any VADP compatible software. Adapt and apply the design decisions to the backup software you use.

Table 1. vSphere Data Protection Design Decision

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Use VADP compatible backup software to back up all management components such as vSphere Data Protection.

vSphere Data Protection provides the functionality that is required to back up full image VMs and applications in those VMs, for example, Microsoft SQL Server.

vSphere Data Protection lacks some features that are available in other backup solutions.