The design of the Cloud Management Platform considers characteristics such as availability, manageability, performance, scalability, and security. To provide this it must deliver a comprehensive set of multi-platform and multi-vendor cloud services.

The Cloud Management Platform layer delivers the following multi-platform and multi-vendor cloud services.

  • Comprehensive and purpose-built capabilities to provide standardized resources to global customers in a short time span.

  • Multi-platform and multi-vendor delivery methods that integrate with existing enterprise management systems.

  • Central user-centric and business-aware governance for all physical, virtual, private, and public cloud services.

  • Architecture that meets customer and business needs, and is extensible.

This design considers the following characteristics.


Indicates the effect a choice has on technology and related infrastructure to provide highly-available operations and sustain operations during system failures. VMware vSphere High Availability will provide the required host redundancy and tolerance of hardware failures where appropriate.


Relates to the effect a choice has on overall infrastructure manageability.

Key metrics: Accessibility and the lifecycle of the infrastructure being managed.


Reflects whether the option has a positive or negative impact on overall infrastructure performance. This architecture follows the VMware reference architecture sizing guidelines to provide certain performance characteristics.

Key metrics: Performance analysis and tuning of the database, Manager service, Model Manager, portal Web site, and data collection.


Determines the ability of the solution to be augmented to achieve better sustained performance within the infrastructure. 

Key metrics: Web site latency, network traffic, and CPU usage on the database and web servers.


Reflects whether the option has a positive or negative impact on overall infrastructure security.

Key metrics: Data confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation of cloud automation components and the option's integration with supporting and provisioning infrastructures.