You can configure backup for each ROBO SDDC management component separately. For this scenario, no requirement to back up the entire ROBO SDDC exists, and this design does not imply such an operation. Some products can perform internal configuration backups. Use those products in addition to the whole VM component backups as appropriate.

Table 1. Component Backup Jobs Design Decision

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Use the internal configuration backup features within VMware NSX.

Restoring small configuration files can be a faster and less destructive method to achieve a similar restoration of functionality.

An FTP server is required for the NSX configuration backup.

Backup Jobs in ROBO locations

Create a single backup job for the components of a management application according to the node configuration of the application in Region A.  

Table 2. VM Backup Jobs in ROBO Locations


Image VM Backup Jobs in ROBO NYC01


Backup is not applicable

vCenter Server

  • nyc01vc01.rainpole.local

NSX for vSphere

  • nyc01nsxm01.rainpole.local

vRealize Automation

  • nyc01ias01.rainpole.local

  • nyc01ias02.rainpole.local

  • nyc01buc01.rainpole.local

vRealize Log Insight

  • nyc01vrli01.rainpole.local

  • nyc01vrli02.rainpole.local

  • nyc01vrli03.rainpole.local

vRealize Operations Manager

  • nyc01vropsrmtcol01.rainpole.local

  • nyc01vropsrmtcol02.rainpole.local

vRealize Business Data Collector

Part of the vRealize Automation backup job