The virtual infrastructure design includes the software components that make up the virtual infrastructure layer and that support the business continuity of the SDDC.

These components include the software products that provide the virtualization platform hypervisor, virtualization management, storage virtualization, network virtualization, backup and disaster recovery. VMware products in this layer include VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, VMware NSX, and VMware vSphere Data Protection.

Figure 1. Virtual Infrastructure Layer in the SDDC

Virtual Infrastructure Design Overview

The ROBO virtual infrastructure consists of one or more ROBO locations. Each includes a consolidated pod.

Figure 2. Remote Office and Branch Office Logical Design

Management Pod

The management pod resides in the hub and runs the virtual machines that manage the SDDC. The management pod is instantiated as part of the VMware Validated Design for the SDDC. The management pod is a pre-requisite for creating consolidated POD's in ROBO locations. For additional information refer to the VMware Validated Design for SDDC.

Consolidated Pod

The consolidated pod runs the following services in the ROBO location:

  • Virtual machines to manage the SDDC such as vCenter Server, NSX components, Remote Collectors, agents and other shared components.

  • Required NSX services to enable north-south routing between the SDDC and the external network, and east-west routing inside the SDDC.

  • SDDC tenant virtual machines to support workloads of different Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Because this pod supports all SDDC, network, and production workloads at the ROBO site, it is important to ensure highly available physical components such as HVAC, power feeds and power supplies.