To complete your upgrade of the shared edge and compute pod in the SDDC, update the shared edge and compute ESXi hosts in Region A and Region B.

Upgrading the Compute ESXi hosts when using NSX for vSphere is a multi-step operations in which you must download the NSX for vSphere VIBs, slipstream the NSX for vSphere VIBs into the ESXi 6.5 image, and use vSphere Update Manager to automate a cluster-wide upgrade operation on each of the clusters.

Table 1. Compute ESXi hosts In the SDDC


Cluster Name

IP Address

Fully Qualified Domain Name

Region A






Region B







  • Make sure that the system hardware complies with ESXi requirements by consulting VMware Compatibility Guide. Check for system compatibility, I/O compatibility with network and host bus adapter (HBA) cards, storage compatibility, and backup software compatibility.

  • Ensure the firmware for the network and host bus adapter (HBA) cards have been updated for compatibility.

  • Ensure the BIOS for the ESXi hosts are updated for compatibility.

  • Ensure that sufficient disk space is available on the host for the upgrade.

  • Ensure that vSphere DRS is set to Fully Automated for the duration of the upgrade operations to allow for compute workloads to be evacuated from hosts as the are upgraded.

  • Download the ESXi 6.5 .iso file

What to do next

  • Verify that the shared edge and compute ESXi host function flawlessly after the upgrade. See Validate ESXi Hosts in the VMware Validated Design Operational Verification documentation.