In the Consolidated SDDC, the vRealize Log Insight instance consists of one master node. You enable the integrated load balancer (ILB) on the 1-node cluster so that all log sources can address the cluster by its ILB, allowing future scaleout without reconfiguring all log sources with a new destination address. Using such a point guarantees that vRealize Log Insight will accept incoming ingestion traffic.

vRealize Log Insight users, using both the Web user interface and API, and clients, ingesting logs using syslog or the Ingestion API, connect to vRealize Log Insight using the ILB address.

vRealize Log Insight cluster can scale out to 12 nodes, that is, one master and 11 worker nodes.

Table 1. Design Decisions about Node Configuration for vRealize Log Insight

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy a single vRealize Log Insight master node with an integrated load balancer.

  • Deploys a resource-aware logging platform.

    Because of the minimal sizing requirements of the consolidated pod, only a single vRealize Log Insight node is required to accommodate the number of expected logging sources.

  • Ensures that growth to the VMware Validated Design two-pod architecture is supported.

  • Using the integrated load balancer simplifies the Log Insight deployment and subsequent integration.

  • Using the integrated load balancer simplifies the Log Insight scale-out operations reducing the need to reconfigure existing logging sources.

Creates a single failure domain. The single vRealize Log Insight node must use vSphere HA for availability.