In your cross-region deployment scenario, you use property definitions to more easily control where a blueprint is deployed. The location of the blueprint determines storage and network resources to use with that blueprint. 


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation Rainpole portal.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://vra01svr01.rainpole.local/vcac/org/rainpole.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name






  2. Select Administration > Property Dictionary > Property Definitions.
  3. Click New to create a property definition and follow these steps.
    1. Enter Vrm.DataCenter.Location in the Name text box.

      The property definition name is case sensitive, and must exactly match the property name that is used in the blueprint or the build profile. 

    2. Enter Select a Region in the Label text box.
    3.  In the Visibility section, select the All Tenants radio button and specify to which tenant the property is available.
    4. (Optional) Enter a property description in the Description text box.

      Describe the intent of the property and any information that might help the consumer best use the property.

    5. Leave default setting for Display order.
    6. Select String from the Data type drop-down menu.
    7. Select Yes from the Required drop-down menu.
    8. Select Dropdown from the Display as drop-down menu.
    9. Select Static list from the Values radio button.
    10. Deselect Enable custom value entry.
    11. Click New in the Static list area and enter a property name and value from the following table.



      San Francisco


      Los Angeles


    12. Click OK to save both predefined values.
    13. Click OK to save the property definition.

      The property is created and available on the Property Definitions page.

  4. Select Administration > Property Dictionary > Property Groups and click New.
  5. Enter Select Location in the Name text box.
  6. If you enter the Name value first, the ID text box is populated with the same value.
  7. In the Visibility section, select the All Tenants  radio button to specify with which tenant the property is to be available.
  8. (Optional) Enter a description of the property group.
  9. Add a property to the group by using the Properties box.
    1. Click New.
    2. Select Vrm.DataCenter.Location as the property name.
    3. Deselect the Encrypted check box.
    4. Select theShow in Request check box.
    5. Click OK to add the property to the group.
  10. Click OK to save the property group.