Your environment must meet the following requirements to use NFS storage in the VMware Validated Design.

  • Storage arrays are connected directly to the leaf switches.

  • All connections are made using 10 Gb Ethernet.

  • Jumbo Frames are enabled.

  • 10K SAS (or faster) drives are used in the storage array.

Different disk speeds and disk types can be combined in an array to create different performance and capacity tiers. The management cluster uses 10K SAS drives in the RAID configuration recommended by the array vendor to achieve the required capacity and performance.

Table 1. NFS Hardware Design Decision

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Use 10K SAS drives for NFS volumes.

10K SAS drives achieve a balance between performance and capacity. Faster drives can be used if desired.

vRealize Log Insight uses NFS datastores for its archive storage which, depending on compliance regulations, can use a large amount of disk space.

10K SAS drives are generally more expensive than other alternatives.