VMware Validated Design Backup and Restore provides step-by-step instructions about using vSphere Data Protection for backup and restore of the management components in the software-defined data center (SDDC).

Maintaining Operational Infrastructure

After you deploy the SDDC stack using VMware Validated Design, backing up management products ensures that you can keep your environment operational. If a failure occurs, you can restore the failed component from a backup.

Intended Audience

The VMware Validated Design Backup and Restore documentation is intended for cloud architects, infrastructure administrators, cloud administrators and cloud operators who are familiar with and want to use VMware software to deploy in a short time and manage an SDDC that meets the requirements for capacity, scalability, backup and restore, and extensibility for disaster recovery support.

Required Software

VMware Validated Design Backup and Restore is compliant and validated with certain product versions. See VMware Validated Design Release Notes for more information about supported product versions

Verifying the SDDC Operational State

After you restore management components of the SDDC, verify they are operating according to design objectives. For more information, see the VMware Validated Design Operational Verification documentation.