Before you deploy vSphere Data Protection in Region A, verify that your environment satisfies the requirements for this deployment.

IP Addresses and Host Names

Verify that static IP address and FQDN for vSphere Data Protection are available for Region A of the SDDC deployment.

Table 1. IP Addresses and Host Names for vSphere Data Protection in Region A

Network Setting


IP address



DNS servers,

Default gateway

Subnet mask

Deployment Prerequisites

Verify that you have fulfilled the following prerequisites in addition to the networking settings:



Initial Storage

  • Virtual disk provisioning.

    • Thin

  • Required storage

    • 6 TB NFS

Software Features

  • vSphere

    • Management vCenter Server

    • Management cluster with enabled DRS and HA.

    • vSphere Distributed Switch configured for the vSphere management network

Installation Package

Download the vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance .ova file to the machine where you use the vSphere Web Client. 

User Privileges and Active Directory

  • Verify that the Management vCenter Server for Region A is connected to the Active Directory domain.

  • Verify that the users and groups from the rainpole.local domain are available on the Management vCenter Server in Region A.