Anti-Affinity rules prevent virtual machines from running on the same host. This helps to maintain redundancy in the event of host failures.


  1. Log in to the Management vCenter Server by using the vSphere Web Client.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://sfo01m01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local/vsphere-client.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name




  2. In the Navigator, select Hosts and Clusters and expand the sfo01m01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local tree.
  3. Select the sfo01-m01-mgmt01 cluster and click the Configure tab.
  4. Under the Configuration group of settings, select VM/Host Rules.
  5. On the VM/Host Rules page, click the Add button to create a new VM/Hosts Rule.
  6. In the Create VM/Host Rule dialog, enter anti-affinity-rule-psc in the Name field, ensure the Enable rule checkbox is selected, select Separate Virtual Machines from the Type drop down menu, and click the Add button.
  7. In the Add Rule Member dialog, select sfo01m01psc01 and sfo01w01psc01 and click OK.
  8. Click OK to create the rule.