VMware Validated Design Migration provides guidelines for adopting this VMware Validated Design keeping an existing (brownfield) environment that does not comply with the architecture and design in this validated design.

Environment architectures can be aligned to this validated design but you must reconfigure some levels. According to the starting point and to the level of deviation from this validated design, the reconfiguration might include a few changes or might require a re-architecture of the environment. This documentation defines migration options that you select according to the configuration of your existing environment, available time, risk profile and other requirements.

This documentation does not cover step-by-step instructions for performing the required configuration tasks because they depend on the customer requirements and the starting configuration.

After a migration is complete, you must validate the resulting configuration against the architecture and design of this VMware Validated Design. This documentation contains a verification procedure for such validation.

Required VMware Software

VMware Validated Design Migration is compliant and validated with certain product versions. See VMware Validated Design Release Notes for more information about supported product versions.

Intended Audience

The VMware Validated Design Migration documentation is intended for consultants and architects who have a solid understanding of both the VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center and existing environments that are not compliant with this VMware Validated Design.