Prepare for the SDDC upgrade and perform certain activities after the upgrade is complete to guarantee the operational state of the environment.

Planning for the SDDC Update or Upgrade

  • Schedule a maintenance window that is suitable for your organization and users.

    The VMware Validated Design upgrade sequence is organized in such a way that the upgrade of each layer can be executed within a maintenance window.

  • Perform backups and snapshots of the VMware management components.

  • Allocate time in your maintenance window to run test cases and validate that all integrations, important business functionality, and system performance are acceptable. Add a time buffer for responding to errors without breaching the change window.

  • Consider the impact of an update or upgrade to users.

    If you properly prepare for the upgrade, existing instances, networking, and storage should continue to operate.

  • Performing an upgrade with operational workloads carries risks.

    Use vSphere vMotion to temporarily migrate workloads to other compute nodes during upgrade.

  • Communicate the upgrade to your users so that they can plan for their own backups.

Considerations on Upgrade Failure

  • Contact VMware Technical Support.

  • Roll the components back.

    In the event of a failure while upgrading one of the components of the SDDC, the order in which the components are organized ensures that backwards compatibility and interoperability are sustained between the layers. You can roll back to a previous version of the components within a layer.


    Rollback of an entire SDDC after more than one layer has been successfully upgraded is not supported.

Post-Upgrade Operations

Consider the following best practices after you complete the update or upgrade process, evaluating them on a test environment similar to your production SDDC:

  • Verify important functionality, integration, and system performance. See the VMware Validated Design Operational Verification  documentation.

  • Conduct a lessons learned meeting. Document improvements and ensure that they are incorporated in the next update or upgrade cycle.