Update the virtual appliances and management packs of the vRealize Operations Manager deployment. Then, perform additional configuration on the adapters of the installed management packs, on vSphere DRS and the SDDC dashboards to make the environment complaint with the objectives and deployment guidelines of this version of the validated design.

About this task

When you upgrade the virtual appliances of vRealize Operations Manager in your SDDC, you perform the update operation manually only on the master node in the cluster. All other nodes are updated automatically. After the update of the virtual appliances is complete, update all installed management packs.

Table 2. vRealize Operations Manager Nodes in the SDDC



IP Address

Fully Qualified Domain Name

Region A

Master Node


Master Replica Node


Data Node 1


Data Node 2


Remote Collector Node 1


Remote Collector Node 2


Region B

Remote Collector Node 1


Remote Collector Node 2



VMware Validated Design 4.1 introduces a new convention for host and object names in the SDDC. The step-by-step upgrade guidance uses the new names for both the pre- and post-upgrade SDDC setups. For information about the new convention, see Mapping Component Names Between Versions 4.0 and 4.1 of VMware Validated Design.


  • Download the following software packages on the Windows host that has access to the data center.

    Table 1. PAK Files That Are Required for vRealize Operations Manager Upgrade

    PAK Type

    PAK File

    OS update .pak file


    Software update .pak file


    vRealize Operations Manager Management for NSX for vSphere


    vRealize Operations Manager Management Pack for Storage Devices


  • Clone any customized content to preserve it.

    Customized content can include alert definitions, symptom definitions, recommendations, and views.

  • Verify that a backup of the vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliances exists. See VMware Validated Design Backup and Restore.

What to do next

  • Verify that vRealize Operations Manager is operational after the upgrade. See Validate vRealize Operations Manager in the VMware Validated Design Operational Verification documentation.