The documentation components are organized according to audience and deployment stage. You use the documents in a specific order. Because the VMware Validated Design for Intelligent Operations builds on the VMware Validated Design for the Software-Defined Data Center, many of the documentation components are shared.

Figure 1. Intelligent Operations Documentation Flow

Documentation for the VMware Validated Design for the Software-Designed Data Center

Before you start with implementing scenarios, you install and configure components of the VMware Validated Design for the SDDC following the guidelines in these documents.

Architecture and Design

The Architecture and Design document includes the Architecture Overview, which discusses the components in the design, and the Detailed Design, which explains configuration details.

Planning and Preparation

The Planning and Preparation document helps you plan your environment according to the requirements. This document has detailed information on required software versions and other details including IP addresses and user configuration. You can abstract from the information in this document to requirements in your environment.

Deployment Guides

Deployment guides have step-by-step instructions and screen shots for installing and configuring the components of the design. All scenarios expect that you install and configure the set of products for Region A and Region B.

Scenarios for Intelligent Operations

The Scenarios documentation for the Intelligent Operations provide step-by-step instructions for common IT operational scenarios.

The scope of guidance depends on the scenario. The Scenarios documentation changes as the Validated Design is extended with more scenarios. Below is a list of some example scenarios. See the Scenarios documentation for the complete current set.

  • Monitoring the SDDC Using Out-the-Box Dashboards in vRealize Operations Manager

  • Monitoring the SDDC at Scale