vRealize Automation uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database to store information. While the specific configuration of SQL Server for use in your environment is not addressed in this implementation guide, high-level guidance is provided to ensure more reliable operation of your VMware components.

About this task

  • Microsoft SQL Server should be configured with separate Operating System Level volumes (drive letters) for each of the following items. The separation of these items into separate logical volumes (drive letters) will help prevent database corruption should a single volume reach capacity.

    • Operating System

    • Database Application

    • SQL User Database Data Files

    • SQL User Database Log Files

    • SQL TempDB

    • SQL Backup Files

  • To provide optimal performance for VMware vRealize databases, configure the SQL Server virtual machine (vra01mssql01.rainpole.local) with 8 vCPU and 16GB vRAM.

  • Configure the DNS of the SQL Server virtual machine (vra01mssql01.rainpole.local) :

    • The primary DNS points to (region A's primary DNS).

    • secondary DNS to point to (region B's primary DNS)

For further guidance on the deployment and operation of a production installation of Microsoft SQL Server, see the Microsoft SQL Server documentation, or consult with a qualified Microsoft SQL Server database administrator.