You size resources and storage for the vCenter Server Appliance to provide enough resources for accommodating the expected number of management virtual machines in the SDDC.

Table 1. Logical Specification for the vCenter Server Appliance



vCenter Server version

6.5 (vCenter Server Appliance)

Physical or virtual system

Virtual (appliance)

Appliance Size

Small (up to 100 hosts / 1,000 VMs)

Platform Services Controller


Number of CPUs



16 GB

Disk Space

290 GB

Table 2. vCenter Server Appliance Sizing Design Decisions

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy a vCenter Server Appliance of a small deployment size or larger.

Based on the number of hosts and virtual machines in a consolidated cluster, a vCenter Server Appliance installed with the small size setting is sufficient.

If the size of the environment changes, the vCenter Server Appliance size might need to be increased.