In the consolidated SDDC, you can use a backup solution that is based on the VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection (VADP), such as vSphere Data Protection, to protect the data of your SDDC management components, and of the tenant workloads that run on the consolidated cluster.

Data protection solutions provide the following functions in the SDDC:

  • Backup and restore virtual machines.

  • Organization of virtual machines into groups by VMware product.

  • Store data according to company retention policies.

  • Inform administrators about backup and restore activities through reports.

  • Schedule regular backups during non-peak periods.


VADP instances provide data protection for the products that implement the management capabilities of the SDDC.

Figure 1. Data Protection Architecture in Consolidated SDDC

In a consolidated SDDC, you take a backup of a management appliance or a tenant workload by using vSphere Data Protection, and save that backup on a shared storage such as an NFS mount.

Consolidated Data Protection Deployment

Because of its scope, the VMware Validated Design for Workload and Management Consolidation calls for the deployment of a VADP compatible backup solution within the consolidated cluster.

Backup jobs are configured to provide recovery of a number of SDDC management components. VADP compatible backup solution stores the backups of the management virtual appliances on a secondary storage according to a defined schedule.