vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server provides a user interface in the vRealize Automation portal (a Web site) for the administration and consumption of IaaS components.

The IaaS Web site provides infrastructure administration and service authoring capabilities to the vRealize Automation console. The Web site component communicates with the Model Manager, which provides it with updates from the Distributed Execution Manager (DEM), proxy agents and database.

The Model Manager communicates with the database, the DEMs, and the portal Web site. The Model Manager is divided into two separately installable components: the Model Manager Web service and the Model Manager data component.


The vRealize Automation IaaS Web server is a separate component from the vRealize Automation Appliance.

Table 1. Design Decisions About vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Install one vRealize Automation IaaS Web server.

  • A single IaaS Web server provides the necessary capabilities for the consolidated cluster while maintaining a minimal footprint.

  • Deploying the IaaS Web server on a separate VM supports future scaling of the CMP.

Relies on vSphere HA for the availability of the solution.

Table 2. vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server Resource Requirements



Number of vCPUs



4 GB

Number of vNIC ports


Number of local drives


vRealize Automation functions

Model Manager (Web service)

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SP2 R2