The physical design of the consolidated SDDC consists of characteristics and decisions that support the logical design. The design objective is to deploy a fully functional cloud management portal while within the resource constrains of the consolidated SDDC environment.

To accomplish this design objective, you deploy or leverage the following components to create a cloud management portal for use with the consolidated SDDC.

  • 1 vRealize Automation Server Appliance
  • 1 vRealize Automation IaaS Web Server.
  • 1 Windows server running the vRealize Automation Manager Service, DEM Orchestrator, DEM Worker, and IaaS Proxy Agent.
  • 1 vRealize Business for Cloud Server.
  • 1 vRealize Business for Cloud Remote Collector.
  • Supporting infrastructure such as Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, DNS, NTP, and SMTP.

    You place the vRealize Automation components in several network units for isolation and failover. The vRealize Automation appliance, IaaS Web Server, IaaS Manager Server, and vRealize Business Server are deployed in the shared cross-region application virtual network, Mgmt-xRegion01-VXLAN, and the vRealize Business for Cloud Remote Collector in the shared local application virtual network Mgmt- RegionA01-VXLAN.

    All the components that make up the cloud management portal, along with their network connectivity, are shown in the following diagrams.

Figure 1. vRealize Automation Physical Design for Consolidated SDDC