The analytics cluster of the vRealize Operations Manager deployment contains the nodes that analyze and store data from the monitored components. You deploy a configuration of the analytics cluster that satisfies the requirements for monitoring the number of virtual machines in the design objectives of this validated design.

Deploy a 1-node vRealize Operations Manager analytics cluster on an application virtual network. The analytics cluster consists of one master node with high availability disabled. The 1-node vRealize Operations Manager analytics cluster will still be covered by vSphere High Availability, but will not have the overhead of using the additional application based high availability.

Table 1. Design Decisions About the Node Configuration of vRealize Operations Manager

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy a one-node vRealize Operations Manager analytics cluster.

Provides the initial scale capacity required for monitoring up to 500 VMs.



Deploy one remote collector node.

Removes the load from the analytics cluster from collecting metrics from applications.

You must assign a collector group when configuring the monitoring of a solution.