To deploy the Intelligent Operations use case, you perform pre-deployment tasks that include installing the VMware Validated Design Software-Defined Data Center virtual infrastructure layer. You deploy the vRealize Suite products needed by this solution path using the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager installation wizard or JSON configuration file. You can follow the step-by-step instructions in the Monitoring and Alerting documentation.

About this task

Figure 1. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Solution Path for Intelligent Operations


  1. As your basis, you deploy the virtual infrastructure, as discussed in Deployment for Region A at
    1. Install and Configure ESXi Hosts in Region A
    2. Deploy and Configure the Platform Services Controller and vCenter Server Components in Region A
    3. Deploy and Configure the NSX Instance for the Management Cluster in Region A
    4. Deploy and Configure the Shared Edge and Compute Cluster Components in Region A
    5. Deploy and Configure Shared Edge and Compute Cluster NSX Instance in Region A

    In the Deployment for Region A guide, each task is for Region A. Because this is a single-region deployment, we use the Region A task.

  2. Perform pre-deployment tasks for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance.
  3. Deploy the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance, upload the OVA file for your use case, and complete certificate setup.
  4. Perform pre-deployment tasks for the products that are used by this use case.
    1. Pre-Deployment Tasks for vRealize Operations Manager.
    2. Prerequisites for Deploying vRealize Log Insight.

      No other pre-deployment tasks are required for this use case. Not all of the products require pre-deployment tasks.

  5. Deploy the required products by running the installation wizard or using the JSON file.
  6. Perform post-deployment tasks for the products utilized in the use case:
    1. Perform post-deployment tasks for vRealize Operations Manager.
    2. Perform post-deployment tasks for vRealize Log Insight.
  7. Implement your Intelligent Operations scenarios using the products that you just installed. The Monitoring and Alerting documentation for step-by-step instructions about configuring vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight. See