You can integrate vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager directly with a My VMware account to access vRealize Suite entitlements. You can download all or select product OVAs for install, patch, and upgrade.

About this task


Using the My VMware integration to download vRealize Suite product OVAs to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance is the recommended path to simplify, automate, and organize the repository. If your organization must restrict outbound traffic from the management components of the Software-Defined Data Center, as an alternative you can upload vRealize Suite product OVAs to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance directly.


  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager has been registered with My VMware.

  • The registered My VMware account has product entitlement to the vRealize Suite.

  • If your organization requires the use of an HTTP Proxy, ensure that it has been enabled.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager user interface.
    1. Open a browser and go to https://vrs01lcm01.rainpole.local/vrlcm.
    2. Log in using following credentials:







  2. Click Settings and click OVA Configuration.
  3. In the Select a source location or download from My VMware section, select My VMware.
  4. At the bottom of the OVA Configuration page, enable Auto Refresh.
  5. For each product and version in the Intelligent Operations solution path, click the Download icon from the Actions column.

    Solution Path

    Product Name

    Product Version

    Intelligent Operations

    vRealize Operations

    vRealize Log Insight

    Refer to the Release Notes

  6. When downloading, the Download Status column changes to an INPROGRESS status. Monitor the Download Status column as each product transitions from INPROGRESS to COMPLETED. Due to the size of each product download for install, patch, and upgrade, the process can take some time to complete.