A service account provides non-interactive and non-human access to services and APIs to the components of the SDDC. You must create a service account for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to deploy and manage the life cycle of vRealize Suite components in the SDDC.

About this task


A service account is a standard Active Directory account that you configure with a non expiring password that cannot be changed by the account itself.

The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager service account is used in a one-directional fashion to enable secure application-to-application communication to the Management vCenter Server instance. A custom role ensures that the service account has the least required permissions for authentication, data collection, and life cycle management operations.

You associate the svc-vrslcm-vsphere service account in the Active Directory with a custom vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager user role that has specific privileges. You assign the user to the vCenter Server instance in the inventory.

Table 1. Application-to-Application Service Account for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager





Required Role


vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Management vCenter Server

A service account for deploying and managing the life cycle of vRealize Suite components on the Software-Defined Data Center management cluster.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager User (Custom)