You can register vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to access vRealize Suite product licenses and download product OVAs to the repository.


Using the My VMware integration allows you to download vRealize Suite product OVAs to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance and is the recommended path to simplify, automate, and organize the repository. If your organization must restrict outbound traffic from the management components of the SDDC, you can download the vRealize Suite product OVAs from My VMware and upload them to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager repository.

My VMware provides an integrated, self-service, account-based interface focused on simplifying and streamlining your online product license and support management experience. It allows you to:

  • View and manage product licenses and support details by account.

  • Get help and file support requests.

  • View and manage evaluations.

  • View orders and support contract details.

  • Create folders to better organize license keys.

  • Manage user rights and permissions for license key management and support details.

  • Request a renewal quote for support contracts.

Learn more about My VMware or visit

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager registers an account with My VMware to download the product OVAs to its repository. You can select an available license key from a product entitlement during an environment creation.

You can structure the folders, user, and permissions in a My VMware entitlement account in any way that best serves the asset management and operations support needs of your business. The minimum requirements and permissions include:

  • A folder with a vRealize Suite product entitlement.

    • View License Keys & User Permissions

    • Download Products

To register vRealize Suite with My VMware, invite a designated user to the entitlement account and limit the folder level permissions for the user.

  • Refer to KB 2070555 for details on inviting a user to a My VMware account.

  • Refer to KB 2006977 for details on assigning user permissions in a My VMware account.

Table 1. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager User Product Entitlement Example

First Name

Last Name

User Email

Minimum Folder Permissions


Product Entitlement in Folder

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager User

at Rainpole


  • View License Keys & User Permissions

  • Download Products

  • Home folder or

  • Child folder

vRealze Suite