If your scenario includes Region B, you can convert a virtual machine directly to a template instead of making a copy by cloning.

About this task

Repeat this procedure for each of the VM templates in the content library. The table below lists the VM templates and the guest OS that each template uses to create a virtual machine.

VM Template Name

Guest OS


Red Hat Enterprise Server 6 (64-bit)


Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)


  1. Log in to the Compute vCenter Server by using the vSphere Web Client.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://lax01w01vc01.lax01.rainpole.local/vsphere-client.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name




  2. Select Home > VMs and Templates.
  3. In the Navigator pane, expand lax01w01vc01.lax01.rainpole.local > lax01-m01dc > VM Templates.
  4. Right-click the redhat6-enterprise-64 virtual machine located in the VM Templates folder, and click Template > Convert to Template.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the template conversion.
  6. Repeat this procedure for all of the VM templates in the content library, verifying that each VM template appears in the VM Templates folder.