A multi-tier application is any application with more than one layer. The number of layers depends on business and application requirements. A multi-tier application pattern simplifies blueprint authoring for both infrastructure and applications. Application patterns can be used by developers or deployed in mature stages of the release pipeline.

About this task

For example, create a blueprint for a Wordpress application. This application blueprint consists of Apache Web server with PHP support and a Wordpress service, MySQL database server with a Wordpress database, and a system configuration component.

This scenario gives detailed information on the procedures for a single-region deployment. You can also use these procedures for Region A of a dual-region deployment. If you want to use the procedures for Region B in a dual-region deployment, you have to use different IP address and machine names and might have to make some other changes.


  1. Prepare for the deployment. See Preparing for Region A Scenario Deployment.

  2. Perform the tasks in Configuring Reservation Policies and Network Policies in Region A.