When you restore NSX Manager from a backup, you deploy a new NSX Manager appliance to restore the backup to. Restoring to an existing NSX Manager instances is not supported.


  • Verify that the FTP server storing the backup data is running.

  • Deploy a new NSX Manager appliance. See Deploy and Configure the Management Cluster NSX Instance in Region A and Deploy and Configure the Shared Edge and Compute Cluster NSX Instance in Region A.

  • The new NSX Manager appliance on which the restore is performed must be the same version as the NSX Manager appliance from which the backup was taken.


  1. Log in to the NSX Manager appliance user interface.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to the following URL. 

      NSX Manager


      NSX Manager for the management cluster


      NSX Manager for the shared edge and compute cluster


    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name




  2. On the main page of the appliance user interface, click Backup & Restore.
  3. On the Backups & Restore page, click Change next to FTP Server Settings to set a storage location for the backup job.
  4. In the Backup Location dialog box, configure the following settings for the backup storage on the FTP server and click OK.

    Backup Location Setting


    IP/Host name

    FQDN of the FTP Server

    Transfer protocol

    Select the protocol from the drop down menu


    Server port for FTP or SFTP requests

    User name

    User name on the FTP server


    Password for the name you specified in User name

    Backup Directory

    Absolute path to the location on the FTP server where you want to store the backup

    Filename Prefix

    • sfo_NSX_Mgmt for the NSX Manager for the management cluster

    • sfo_NSX_Comp for the NSX Manager for the shared edge and compute cluster

    Pass Phrase


  5. In the Backups History section on the Backups & Restore page, select the latest restore point, and click Restore
  6. In the Restore from Backup dialog box, click Yes to confirm the restart of the appliance.

    The appliance management will be unavailable for during the restart. 

What to do next

Verify that NSX Manager is operational. See Validate NSX Manager and NSX Controller Instances in the VMware Validated Design Operational  Verification documentation.