Configure and perform failover of the management applications in the SDDC from the protected region, Region A, to the recovery region, Region B. Failing over these applications keeps the SDDC operational.

You fail over the following management components:

  • Analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager

    The remote collector nodes of vRealize Operations Manager are not failed over. You deploy a separate pair of remote collectors in each region in the application virtual network that is dedicated to the region.

  • Primary components of vRealize Automation with embedded vReaize Orchestrator and vRealize Business

    The vSphere Proxy Agents of vRealize Automation and the vRealize Business data collector are not failed over. You deploy a separate pair of agents and collector in each region in an application isolated network.

Table 1. SDDC Management Components That Are Failed Over

Management Component

Failed Over or Failed Back

vRealize Operations Manager

Analytics nodes


Remote collectors

Cloud Management Platform

vRealize Automation Appliance


IaaS Components


Microsoft SQL Server


vSphere Proxy Agents

vRealize Business server


vRealize data collectors