The micro-segmentation use case is a subset of VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined. All scenarios in this documentation have been validated with that architecture. Your environment must meet certain prerequisites before you can perform a scenario.

Deploying the Components for Micro-Segmentation Manually

To manually deploy the SDDC components that are required to perform micro-segmentation operations, perform all tasks in the following documentation for VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center:

Table 1. Documentation for Manual Deployment of Intelligent Operations



Region A

Planning and Preparation

Deployment for Region A

  • Region A Virtual Infrastructure Implementation

  • Region A Operations Implementation

    • Region A vRealize Log Insight Implementation

Deploying the Components for Micro-Segmentation by Using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

For automating the deployment of the vRealize Suite solutions that are required to support VMware Validated Design for Microsegmentation, use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See to the Micro-Segmentation Use Case Deployment Using vRealize Lifecycle Manager documentation.

Documentation Location

You can find the documentation on the VMware Validated Design Documentation page.