Before you deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, verify that your environment fulfills the requirements for this deployment.

IP Addresses and Host Names

Verify that static IP addresses and FQDNs for the application virtual networks are available for the SDDC deployment.


IP Address

Static IP address of the appliance

Host name of the appliance


Default gateway

DNS servers



Subnet mask

NTP servers

  • ntp.sfo01.rainpole.local

  • ntp.lax01.rainpole.local

Deployment Prerequisites

Verify that your environment satisfies the following prerequisites for the deployment of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.




  • Virtual disk provisioning

    • Thin

  • Required storage: 135 GB

Software Features

  • Verify that vCenter Server is operational.

  • Verify that the application virtual networks are available.


  • Verify that you have obtained a vRealize Suite or vCloud Suite license with a quantity that satisfies the requirements of this design.

Active Directory

  • Verify that you have a parent active directory with the SDDC user roles configured for the rainpole.local domain.

    • svc-vrslcm-vsphere (User)

Certificate Authority

  • Configure the root Active Directory domain controller as a certificate authority for the environment.

  • Download the CertGenVVD tool and generate the signed certificate for the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See the VMware Validated Design Planning and Preparation documentation.

My VMware Account

Verify that you have a My VMware account with permissions to view licenses and download products.