Test the configuration of the NSX logical network using a ping test. A ping test checks if two hosts in a network can reach each other.


  1. Log in to vCenter Server by using the vSphere Web Client.
    1. Open a Web browser and go to https://sfo01w01vc01.sfo01.rainpole.local/vsphere-client.
    2. Log in using the following credentials.



      User name




  2. Use the Ping Monitor to test connectivity.
    1. Select Home, then select Networking & Security.
    2. Under Logical Switches, double-click Transit Network.
    3. Click the Monitor tab and select Ping.
    4. From the Source host drop-down menu, select sfo01w01esx01.sfo01.rainpole.local.
    5. Leave the Size of test packet with the default of VXLAN standard.
    6. From the Destination host drop-down menu, select sfo01w01esx03.sfo01.rainpole.local.
    7. Click Start Test.

      The host-to-host ping test results are displayed in the Results text box. Verify that there are no error messages.