You deploy the vRealize Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance and configure system settings, such as, product binaries and marketplace content to support vRealize Suite product deployments in the SDDC.

Deployment Model

In the design, you deploy a single vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance in the consolidated cluster. This configuration provides the ability to manage the lifecycle of all vRealize Suite products deployed in the consolidated SDDC.

After you deploy the appliance, the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager services start automatically and the solution can be immediately configured.

Sizing Compute and Storage Resources

To accommodate products binaries and marketplace content for the SDDC, you must size the compute resources and storage for the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance has the following resource requirements. Provide memory and CPUs for the operation of the appliance:

Table 1. Resource Specification of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Appliance


Specification with Disabled Content Management

Specification with Enabled Content Management

Number of CPUs

2 vCPUs

4 vCPUs


16 GB

16 GB

Disk size

135 GB

135 GB




When you plan storage for lifecycle management using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, consider the pre-defined disk size of the virtual appliance and storage for the following content:

  • Product binaries for install and upgrade

  • Marketplace content

  • Application and operating system logs

Table 2. Design Decisions on the Compute Resources for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance with disabled content management.

  • Accommodates the resources required to support the deployment and upgrade of the vRealize Suite products that are used in the design.

  • Introduces a smaller footprint of the appliance because content management is not enabled. This design does not use the content Management capabilities of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

If content management is required beyond the scope of the design, you must increase the CPU resources to accommodate these services.