To have small footprint according to the resource capacity of the Consolidated SDDC, this design deploys a vRealize Automation instance that is not in high availability mode, using only one node of each type.
Table 1. Design Decisions on the vRealize Automation Topology

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy a single vRealize Automation installation to manage deployments to the consolidated cluster.

You can use the single vRealize Automation instance for future expansion to the full SDDC design.

You rely on vSphere HA for application availability.


Deploy a small-scale configuration of vRealize Automation.

Deploying the one-node architecture satisfies the design objective of 1,500 virtual machines being provisioned and managed in the scope of the initial deployment architecture.



Deploy vRealize Automation in Enterprise Installation mode with no high availability.

  • You can implement a fully functional cloud management portal with an embedded vRealize Orchestrator while satisfying the minimal footprint requirements of the consolidated cluster.

  • You can expand the vRealize Automation deployment to a dual-region design.

You rely on vSphere HA for application availability.