The vRealize Automation virtual appliance includes the cloud management Web portal, an embedded vRealize Orchestrator instance and database services. The vRealize Automation portal allows self-service provisioning and management of cloud services, as well as authoring blueprints, administration, and governance. The vRealize Automation virtual appliance uses an embedded PostgreSQL database for catalog persistence and database replication.

Table 1. vRealize Automation Virtual Appliance Design Decisions

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Deploy a single instance of the vRealize Automation appliance. This instance also runs an embedded vRealize Orchestrator instance.

Provides full provisioning capabilities for the consolidated cluster while maintaining a minimal footprint.

  • You rely on vSphere HA for application availability.

Embedded PostgreSQL replication is not available.


During deployment, configure the vRealize Automation appliance with 18 GB RAM.

Supports deployment of vRealize Automation in environments with up to 95,000 Active Directory users.

For environments with more than 95,000 Active Directory users of vRealize Automation, you must increase virtual RAM to 24 GB.

Table 2. vRealize Automation Virtual Appliance Resource Requirements per Virtual Machine



Number of vCPUs



18 GB

vRealize Automation function

Portal web-site, Application, Orchestrator, service catalog and Identity Manager.