Use the Intelligent Operations feature of vRealize Operations Manager to monitor your environment at scale by collecting information from all local and global sources in your environment. You can use predefined alerts and dashboards to monitor your production environments.

vRealize Operations Manager contains alert definitions for critical performance, out of capacity, hardware failures, mis-configurations and issues that are identified in logs. You can perform the following monitoring tasks:

  • Review critical alerts in several ways to decide which issues to address first, for example, group by time, criticality, type of problem, environment, object type, etc.

  • Forward critical alerts to other teams.

  • Customize alert definitions to fit specific requirements for monitoring.

Perform each operational task at regular intervals in the SDDC.

For each scenario about monitoring the SDDC at scale in the Intelligent Operations Scenarios documentation, follow the step-by-step guidance for pre-configuration, monitoring and fault resolution.