The IT Automating IT scenarios are based on the VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center. All the scenarios in this guide have been validated with that architecture. Your environment must meet prerequisites before you can deploy a scenario.

Before you implement any scenarios in region A or in a single-region deployment, follow these steps to deploy the foundation.

  1. Perform all tasks in the Deployment for Region A document.

  2. According to your scenario, you might consider deploying Region B as well. See the Deployment for Region B document.

The cited VMware Validated Design for the Software-Defined Data Center documentation is available on the VMware Validated Design Documentation page.

After you deploy the virtual infrastructure, perform the tasks in this chapter before you implement scenarios.

At the beginning of each scenario, you might find additional setup tasks that apply to just that scenario.


This set of scenario preparation procedures uses a DLR. See Scenarios Solution Paths for an introduction to the benefits and disadvantages to using a DLR or UDLR.