If you want to use a Universal Distributed Logical Router (UDLR), you have to set up networking before you create blueprints. If you select one of the on-demand networking options during blueprint creation, provisioning of blueprints fails.

For the scenarios, the UDLR is set up as part of the deployment of VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center.

Using a UDLR has the following advantages and limitations.

  • Supports cross-region deployment.

  • You must select an existing network with when you create the blueprint. With UDLRs, you can configure a blueprints with on-demand networking, but an error results when you use that blueprint.

See the Checklist for Preparing NSX and Security Configuration, which is part of the vRealize Automation documentation set, for details.

This Scenarios documentation contains one example scenario for using the UDLR. You can deploy other scenarios using a UDLR instead of DLRs using the same approach.



Provision Workload On...

Configure Unified Single Machine Blueprints for Cross-Region Deployment

  • Preparing for Region B Deployment


The UDLR is set up as part of the virtual infrastructure deployment.