You back up certain components of NSX for the management cluster and for the shared edge and compute cluster to restore the operational state of the system in an event of failure.

The following components support back up and restore:

  • NSX Manager

  • NSX Firewall Rules

  • NSX Service Composer

  • vSphere Distributed Switch

All NSX Edge configurations, such as distributed logical routers and services gateways, and controller nodes are backed up as part of the NSX Manager data backup.

If the configuration of the NSX Manager is intact, you can recreate an inaccessible or failed edge appliance VM by redeploying the NSX Edge. To redeploy the NSX Edge, click the Redeploy NSX Edge button in the vSphere Web Client.

Backing up NSX Manager regularly enables you to restore the operational state of your system in the event of a catastrophic failure. You can schedule backups for business continuity and operational requirements. Set the backup frequency according to the rate of configuration changes occurring in NSX. You can back up NSX manually or schedule hourly, daily, or weekly automatic backups. 

Back up NSX and vCenter Server before and after the following events:

  • NSX or vCenter Server upgrade.

  • Day 0 deployment and configuration of NSX components.

  • Major Day 2 changes.